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What People Are Saying About Phyllis…

The Destiny Mapping Teleseminar gave me a blueprint, a map to follow. Before I just had a bunch of ideas, concepts . . . just words on pages. Participating in the seminar put my vision on paper in a format that I can use to make the vision crystal clear.
Not only is Phyllis Cunningham an accomplished writer–she is a phenomenal speaker! Her dynamic style, combined with practical wisdom, produces life-changing results that last well beyond her engaging presentation. We are proud to have her as a member of our Platinum Speaker’s Network.
Authentic and inspiring, Phyllis captures the essence of what it means to be a single Christian who sincerely desires to honor God. Played By A Player boldly addresses the subject of sexual purity with honesty and candor. For the single Christian who is serious about serving God, this book is a must read!
Phyllis is a Truth-teller. Played By A Player is a power-packed, inspirational book that takes a straightforward look at the challenges and triumphs people face when searching for true love. It is a wonderful resource that can be used by church ministries for men, women and singles.
Phyllis Cunningham is an inspiring author and life coach. Through her book and seminars, I was able to draw on my own reservoir of untapped potential and begin the journey of authentic living. If you are in transition, unsure about what path to take in life, or just need some guidance regarding your relationships, Phyllis offers sound insight and advice that will take you to the next level…
Destiny Mapping is one of the powerful concepts I have come across in years in my study of success and personal achievement. Phyllis Cunningham, COC Gold Member and Destiny Mapping Expert is brilliant at helping individuals to develop laser focused vision, discover divine destiny and uncover the hidden barriers to success…